Election 2018

October 20, 2018: Thank you. I’m re-elected and looking forward to the next four years. Here are the election results. Many thanks to candidates and community for a civil, thoughtful election period.

I update this website only in the election period. For more current info, please follow me on Facebook at Maureen Nicholson on Bowen Island Council or on Twitter at @maureenforbowen.

October 19, 2018: Don’t forget to vote tomorrow.

October 18, 2018: Here’s a recap of 30 Ideas in 30 Days.

#1 Be rural.
#2 Be collaborative.
#3 Make more public art.
#4 Partner for affordable housing.
#5 Engage.
#6 Commit to conservation development.
#7 Welcome the neighbours.
#8 Continue to revitalize the Davies Orchard.
#9 Do less, but more of what matters.
#10 Conduct an Island Survey each year.
#11 Implement business licensing.
#12 Landscape the Cove Commons.
#13 Plan for creative use of Government Dock in Snug Cove.
#14 Make an evacuation plan.
#15 Recognize the efficiency of our current ferry marshalling.
#16 Make dump day free again.
#17 Genuinely explore alternative transportation options.
#18 Further develop and implement our asset management plan.
#19 Research, write, and implement a Community Economic Development Plan.
#20 Move past the planning stage for community amenities.
#21 Know your local demographics.
#22 Treasure (and expand?) our park.
#23 Rewrite the Official Community Plan.
#24 Introduce Facebook Town Halls on specific topics.
#25 Directly address the short-term vacation rental issue.
#26 Schedule quarterly meetings for progress reports.
#27 Recruit a community volunteer coordinator.
#28 Have Saturday hours at Municipal Hall.
#29 Host an event on the Future of the Crown Lands.
#30 Communicate online. Consistently.

September 10, 2018: I have filed my nomination papers for another term as a councillor on Bowen Island. I hope I’ve earned your support.

As in my last un-campaign, I ask anyone who wants to offer financial support to instead donate to a worthy cause. This time, please pledge to the Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation.

Every bit helps.

Go on over to the 30 Ideas in 30 Days link for the most current posts. And read up at About if you’d like to know more about me.

This Is It

November 16: I’m a councillor! Thank you for your support. Congratulations to my fellow council members: mayor-elect Murray Skeels and councillors-elect Gary Ander, Sue Ellen Fast, Michael Kaile, Melanie Mason, and Alison Morse. A huge thanks to our fellow candidates: Stacy Beamer, Michael Chapman, Marcus Freeman, Yvette Gabrielle, Tim Rhodes, Peter Williamson, and George Zawadzki. Here’s to a productive, energetic, creative, and fun four years. Complete election results are here.

November 14: Thank you all very much for your support over the past five weeks. I’ve learned a lot, had fun (with some moments of stage-fright!), and met my un-campaign goals. I hope you’ll cast your vote for me tomorrow on Election Day.

Did I live my life as usual? Sort of. With 23 separate events over the campaign period, I cut a few corners at home. Thankfully, my husband picked up the cooking and housekeeping duties when I couldn’t, and Charlie the Dog went to dog camp a few times more than usual.

Did I run a no-expense campaign? Yes. I didn’t spend a penny. I did benefit, though, as other candidates did, from the generosity of many, many meet-and-greet hosts who opened their homes for discussions. My thanks to them all.

Did I stick with my no-paper promise? Yes. No brochures, no leaflets, no ads, no posters, no buttons. Your mailbox was no doubt full, but not with material from me. This promise was  hard for me to keep. I love making promotional materials, and, in my professional life, I’m often responsible for such work for clients or my employer. For the un-campaign, I stuck with free online communication.

And did the library annex project benefit from receipt of donations? I encouraged those who wanted to donate to my campaign to donate to the Bowen Library Foundation, and I believe they did.

Thanks, everybody. Don’t forget to vote: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

October 10: Welcome to my un-campaign.

I researched Bowen electoral campaigns, including the time, money, and paper spent, and decided I’d take another approach. I also looked at my to-do list for fall, and it’s hefty.

On the topic of time: I’m going to live my life as usual. These days, we all seem to be very busy people, and I don’t want to add to the noise. As a Bowen Heritage board member, I’ll do some of the heavy lifting for Applefest. As a member of Bowen Islanders for Ferry Fairness, I’ll keep track of and write about ferry issues. As the library board vice-chair, I’ll help plan and fundraise for the Annie Laurie Wood Annex. As a reader and editor, I’ll help coordinate Elizabeth May’s upcoming reading, sponsored by the library and arts council. And I’ll do my job as a communication professor, a job that is full time and off island. Many of you are as busy or more busy than I am, especially if you have kids at home.

>> Perhaps we don’t need a big, noisy election.

On the topic of money: I’m trying to spend nothing on my campaign. I reviewed the financial statements of most of the candidates in the 2011 election and was a little surprised. A few candidates reported more than $7,000 in campaign expenses, and the collective total seems to be more than $30,000. That’s a lot of money for a small island. If you’re active in the community, it’s not hard to be known, either in person or by reputation. A couple of all-candidates meetings, a public-service newspaper article or two, and an online presence–shouldn’t that be enough? You would think so.

>> Many community projects could benefit from that much cash.

On the topic of paper: Here’s an election promise. You’re not getting a mail-drop from me. There will be no brochures. I’m not plastering Snug Cove with posters. There will be no buttons. (Make your own? Un-campaign is a fun idea to play with.)

I’m happy to respond to questions here, on the Bowen Forum, on Facebook, or by email (maureennicholson@shaw.ca. I’m happy to have a cup of coffee or a drink and a chat. And I’m happy to participate in all-candidates meetings.

>> This is it.

Please vote for me on November 15.

PS If you do want to make a donation as an indication of your support, why not donate to the library expansion project, the Annie Laurie Wood Annex? A donation over $25 is tax-deductible. Mail or drop off a cheque (payable to the “Bowen Library Foundation”). Or donate online.

Authorized by Maureen Nicholson, financial agent, maureennicholson@shaw.ca.